Ms Dolly Gohain

M. Sc., M. Phil.
Joined North Bank College on 12 Jan, 2006
I have been working in this college since 2006
Research Interest:
Specialized Courses:


1. Presentation of a Paper entitled “Shankari Culture : Management & preservation in the Satra       institution of Assam with special reference of Bhauna” in the UGC sponsored National seminar on “Satra Institution of Assam” organized by Jengraimukh College on 14th & 15th Oct 2011.

2. Presentation of a Paper entitled “ North East India : The Epitome of Diversity” in the UGC sponsored National seminar on “Issues of Integration in North East India : Peace Process and Development” organized by Department of Political Science,North Bank College,Ghilamara ,Lakhimpur,Assam on 22 and 23 April,2013.

3. Presentation of a paper entitled “ Role of NGO in Development with special reference to Lakhimpur District Assam” in the UGC sponsored National Seminar on “ Human Development in India : Problems and Prospects”  organized by Department of Economics & Political Science, Panigaon OM Prakash Dinodia College on 11th & 12th May , 2013.

4. Presentation of a Paper entitled “ Flood and Health : A Study among the Mishing Girls id Matmora” in the National seminar on “ Flood and Adaptability: livelihood, Capability and Outmigration “  organized By North Bank College, Ghilamara, Lakhimpur and OKD Institute of Social Change and Development, Guwahati on 24 and 25 March,2014.

5.Participated in the International Seminar on “ Resources, Tribes and State “ held on 13th -15th February , 2012.


1.  One – day Workshop on Yoga organized by Dhemaji- Dhakuakhana Zone (ACTA) in Collaboration with Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya. Dhemaji on 06/10/2018.

2.   State Level Workshop on “ National Education Policy- 2019 ” jointly organized by Dhemaji-Dhakuakhana Zone, ACTA & IQAC, Purbanchal College

3.  Six days Workshop o “ Women Connect for leadership & Change” organized by Dibrugarh University in Collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth development, Sriperumbudur, Tamilnadu on 14th to 19th December, 2015. 

4.  “ Natakar  Pandulipi  Likhan Karmashala”  organized by Ingit,Ghilamara, dated on 23 and 24 Oct., 2019.


1. Orientation Programme dated on 20 April to 17 May , 2011 organized Academic Staff College, Gauhati University.

2.   Refresher Course in Mathematics ( Maths, Computer Sc., Physics, Statistics) from 9 Feb to 1 March, 2015.