Mr Paresh Dutta

M. Sc., M. Phil.
Joined North Bank College on 16 Feb, 2010
Research Interest:
Specialized Courses:

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Paresh Dutta

Assistant Professor

Department: Mathematics

Qualification: M.Sc., M.Phil.

Date of Joining: 16/2/2010


Mobile: 6002612071

Blood group: B+


  1. Specialization – Applied Mathematics
  2. Date of joining – 16/2/2010
  3. Official address- Department of Mathematics

                               North bank college,Ghilamara, Lakhimpur.

       4.Residencial address – Vill: Baligao P.O: Lilabari

District: Lakhimpu, Assam Pin: 787051


i. Eco System Management; Sustainable development and livelihood: with special reference to North East India. 11th and 12th September, 2014

ii. Environmental Pollution and its impact on Society. 24th and 25th March, 2011

iii. Human Rights of Women Children. 14th October, 2011

iv. Disaster management in North East India. 26th and 27th December, 2011

v. Rights of women and children under the Act of Indian constitution. 8th and 9th January, 2012 

6. Workshop:

i. Nano technology: The new friends in Physics and Electronic Science. 16th February’   


       ii. Research proposal in Higher education: Its preparation and other Aspects. 6th and 7th

        April, 2012