Dr Dr. Gitanjali Baruah

M.A., LLB., Ph. D.
Joined North Bank College on 21 Nov, 1998
I am working as an associate professor in this college.
Research Interest:
Electoral process and voting behaviour
Specialized Courses:
Political Sociology



  1.   NAME                                    :           Dr. Gitanjali  Baruah
  2. DATE OF BIRTH                   :         01. 07. 1973
  3. FATHER’S NAME                   :          Sri Mahendra Kr. Baruah
  4. MOTHER’S NAME                   :          Sri Rakheswari  Hazarika Baruah             
  5. NATIONALITY                       :           Indian
  6.   RELIGION                            :           Hinduism 
  7.   SEX                                          :          Female
  8. DATE OF JOINING                 :      21. 11.1998
  9. DESIGNATION                         :     Associate Professor, Deptt of Political Science
  10. E-mail                                      :                gitan19bd@gmail.com
  11.    WORKING EXPERIENCE   :      24 years
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Sl. no

Name of the Course



Sponsoring Agency



Academic Staff College, Gauhati University

02.11.2002  to 29.11.2002




Dibrugarh University

11.03. 2004 to 31.03. 2004




Academic Staff College, Ranchi Central University

30.09.2012 to 20.10.2012




Academic Staff College, Aligarh Muslim   University

03.12.2012 to 22.12.2012




Dibrugarh University

14th December to 19th December,2015



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National / International/state

Participated with paper /without paper


Name of paper



With paper

Indian Social Science Congress and hosted by Gauhati university

Experience of Democracy through the Lok Sabha elections of Lakhimpur”

27th Dec - 31st Dec 2010


With paper

organised by NEPSA at Pandu college, Guwahati

Political participation and electoral politics of Assam”

4th and 5th January,


State level seminar

With paper

Dhemaji Dhakuakhana Zonal Committee, ACTA at Gogamukh college

Wastage of natural resources and its impact in the economy of Assam”



With paper

Harhi college

“Human Rights and Legal Status of Refugees”

13th & 14th July, 2012


With paper

North Bank college

‘Problem of Insurgency in Assam : A menace to National Integration”

22nd   & 23rd  April 2013


With paper

Women Cell, LOKD College, Dhekiajuli

Economic Development and Women empowerment in Assam

7th and 8th Feb 2014


With paper

Harhi College

Enhancement of Human Rights and Values

16th Oct 2015


Without paper

North Bank college

Eco system management , sustainable development and livelihood with special reference to North East India 

11th and 12th Sept 2014

  • UGC sponsored National Workshop on Human Rights , organised by Gauhati University,2008
  • UGC sponsored National Workshop on Research proposals in higher education : Its preparation and other aspects , organised by Dhemaji college, 2012
  • UGC sponsored National Workshop on Natural Hazards and disaster  management, organised by North Lakhimpur College 
  • UGC sponsored National Workshop on Nano technology , organised by Dhemaji college ,2012
  • UGC sponsored National Workshop on Violation of Human Rights of women and children in rural areas of North East. , organised by Moridhal college,2012
  • UGC sponsored National Workshop on Upliftment of the standard of teaching in humanities at the degree level, organised by Dhemaji Girls college, 2012.
  • Participated in Zonal symposium ,  Dhemaji – Dhakuakhana zonal committee, ACTA, 2012.
  • UGC sponsored National Workshop on Professional Ethics : Quality Education Role of Teachers, organised by Panigaon Om Prakash Dinodia College, on 26th and 27th April, 2013.
  •   UGC sponsored National Workshop on natural Disasters in North East India: Mitigation and Preparedness organised by North Bank College, on 29th and 30th Sptember 2015.
  • State level workshop on “Choice based credit system”, organised by Dhemaji dhakuakhana Zone (ACTA), 2017. 
  • One day workshop on Yoga, organised by Dhemaji dhakuakhana Zone (ACTA), 2018. 
  • Two days workshop on “Script writing” organised by Ingeet, Ghilamara, Assam Natya Sanmilan., 23rd and 24 th Oct 2019
  • National workshop on “Preparation and Usage of Scientific and Tech. term in Assamese language”, Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology, Ministry of Human Resource Development,  Dept of higher education , 15.06.2019.
  • Orientation programme on UG-Choice Based Credit System at Lakhimpur Girls , Lakhimpur, 08.02..2019.

  1. WEBINAR :
  • Participated in the International webinar on “Challenges in Higher Education: Surviving the Pandemic Covid-19” organised by the deptt. of English and IQAC, Duliajan Girls college, 28th July, 2020.
  • Participated in the national webinar on “Civilization in the age of Globalization, A historical Reflection”, organised by dept. of Political Science and History, Dhemaji College, 12th August, 2020.
  • Participated in the national webinar on “Borna Baisyamya Aaru Asomiya Samaj”, organised by LOKD College, Dhekiajuli, 23th July, 2020.
  • Participated in the webinar on “How Shall the Pandemic End”, organised by dept. of Political Science, S.B. Deorah College, 24th June, 2020. 
  • Participated in the web lecture on “Early Detection of Cancer” organised by IQAC, Duliajan Girls College, 18th August, 2020.
  • Participated in the national webinar, organised by dept. of Assamese, Duliajan Girls college, 22nd August, 2020.
  • Participated in the webinar on “Awareness programme on Use of Online E- Resources” organised by North Bank college Central Library, 12th June 2020.
  2. Academic Activities: 
  • Resource person in the UGC sponsored National Seminar on “Enhancement of Human Rights and Values”, at Harhi college (16th October), 2015.
  • Guest lecture of Awareness programme on “Witch hunting”, 2016, organised by Xahajug Asom. 
  • Resource person, on “Human Rights and Duties Education” Organised by IQAC, Dhakuakhana College (16th March), 2017.
  • Resource person in the UGC sponsored Workshop on “Human Rights and Child Labour” Organised by Research Board and Publication Committee , Silapathar Town College, Silapathar (24th Feb), 2018.
  • Member of Advisory Board of a Peer Reviewed Multilingual Academic Journal “Unmilon”, published by Duliajan Girls College, Dibrugarh, Vol I, Issue I.
  • Member of Advisory Board of a Peer Reviewed Multilingual Academic Journal  “Unmilon”, published by Duliajan Girls College, Dibrugarh, Vol II, Issue II, 2021.
  • Special invitee of the Departmental Research Committee, North Lakhimpur College (Autonomous), 7th Oct. 2021.
  • Special talk on Human Rights on International Human Rights Day, Organised by Department of Political Science , Harhi College, 10th December, 2021.
  • Resource person of Awareness programme on “Eswar , Cancer aru Jiban” , organised by Xahajug Asom, 13th March, 2022.
  • Member of Editorial Board, “Bikiran”, A jounal of Dhemaji Dhakuakhana Zone, ACTA 2014.
  • Member of Editorial Board of ‘Abhibyokti’2021,  a journal of Women cell, ACTA.
  1.   Field Investigator in the State of Assam :   

          National Election Studies (NES) 1996, 2004 and 2009, Conducted by Lokniti:Programme for Comparative Democracy, Centre for the Study of Developing Society (CSDS), New Delhi. 

  1.   Social / Organisational activities :
  • Life member of  North East Political Science Association 
  • Life Member of Green Heritage
  • Executive member of ‘Xahayug Asom’ 
  • Member of UNESCO club, Assam 
  • Life  Member of Jagriti
  • Member of All Assam Mahila Karmachari Santha
  • Member of Assam College Teachers’ Association 
  • Member of Janani Silpi Sangha
  • Asstt General Secy, Dhemaji - Dhakuakhana Zone, ACTA, 2013
  • Coordinator – Women Cell,Dhemaji - Dhakuakhana Zone, ACTA, 2013
  1.   College activities :
  • Joint Co-ordinator  of Human Rights Certificate Course
  • Secretary, NBCTU 2014.
  • Convener, UGC sponsored national seminar, 2012.
  • Prof. In-charge of the  College Megazine ‘NBIAN’2015
  • Co-ordinator  of Women Cell, North Bank College
  • Asstt Zonal Officer, 4th Semester exam Zone, Dibrugarh University 2015. 
  • Asstt. Co-ordinator of UGC sponsored national workshop 2015
  • Campus Ambassador , 2022
  • Co-ordinator, Placement cell 
  • Member of Beautification Committee.
  1. . BOOK PUBLISHED /   EDITED      : –       
  • Electoral Politics in Assam, 2016, Kastury Publication, Guwahati,  ISBN 978-93-5105-257-9
  •   Issues of Integration in North East India : Peace Process and Development, 2013(Edited), Kastury Publication, Guwahati,  ISBN – 978-935087-701-2.

  2. Constitutional status of women in India published in ‘Polity’, a journal of Poltical Science dept. 2010-11.
  3. Manab Adhikar Rakhanabekhanat Sangbad Madhyamar Bhumika, Published in the book ‘Manab Adhikar’, 2012, ISBN-978-81-925881-0-0
  4. Problem of Insurgency in Assam : A Menace to National Integration, Published in “Issues of Integration in North East India : Peace Process and Development”, 2013, ISBN – 978-935087-701-2
  5. Economic Development and Women empowerment in Assam, published in ‘Empowering Women Workers in North-eastern India: Challenges of Influx and Exodus’, 2014, ISBN 978-81-920759-1-4.
  6. Child Rights and Protection, Published in ‘Bikiran’, annual Journal of Dhemaji –Dhakuakhana Zonal Committee, ACTA, 2014, ISBN-2278-3415.
  7. Assam Assembly Election 2016: Changing electoral Trend, Published in ‘Bikiran’, annual Journal of Dhemaji –Dhakuakhana Zonal Committee, ACTA, Session 2015-16, ISBN-2278-3415.
  8. Swaswata and Swaswa Manokhikota published in ‘Pariparswa...The Envionment’, 2017, ISBN: 978-93-85063-23-7.
  9. Nature of People’s Resentment Movement : A study on Bodo Peoples’ Resentment in Assam, Published in State and People at Crossroads, ISBN 978-1-64650-207-3, Published by Notion Press, 2019.
  10. Experiences of Democracy Through the Lok Sabha Elections of Lakhimpur Parliamentary Constituency, Published in Glimpses of Thought, Published by Publication Cell, North Bank College, Ghilamara, 2022, ISBN 978-93-91953-71-3. 
  11. Yobo Ushringkholata Aru Amar Dayitta, Published in ‘Yovodristi’, Souvenir, Dibrugarh University Youth Festival, 2018.
  12. Women empowerment through Education, published in ‘Polity’ a journal of Political Science dept. 2016.
  13. Sishur Odhikar Aru Aain, published in ‘Ananya’, Souvenir, Platinum Jubilee Year, T.C. Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Guwahati, Nov. 2020
  14. Mobile Akhokti Aru Sishu published in ‘Onanya’, Souvenir, silver jubilee year Sankardev Sisu Niketan, 2022.


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