Mr Pritam Jyoti Pegu

M. A.
Joined North Bank College on 24 Sep, 2022
Working Since 2022
Research Interest:
Specialized Courses:


1. National Seminar on “State and Representative institution in north east” Organized by Dept of Political Science, Gauhati University 2016. 

2. National Seminar on Electoral Politics, Peoples Rights and Regimes response in north east India Organized by dept of Political Science Guahati University 2016.

3. National Seminar on Global Thinking on Human Rights Dialogue Organized by national Human Rights Commission and Dept of Political science, Gauhati University 2016.


1. Defining India notion of secularism Challenges and remedies international Journal of Psychosocial rehabilitation vol 24, Issue 02,2022 Isan: 1475-7192. 

2. Understanding new social movement: in reference to an analysis on new social movement in India. International Journal of Psychosocial rehabilitation. Vol. 24, Issue 03,2020 Isan: 1475-7192.

3. Migration of Bengali Muslims in Assam: Colonial to Post colonial Period KY Publication. ISBN – 97-93-87769-93-9.

4. Gandhi and his philosophy of satyagraha the international journal of Analytical and experimental Model analysis. ISSN No. 0886-9367. 

5. Non- Violence in Gandhian Philosophy of democracy Journal of interdisciplinary cycle research. ISSN NO. 0022-1945. 

6. Financial Services in the digital age: India march toward financial inclusion through Digital means. Journal of the Asiatic society of Mumbai. ISSN: 0972-0766.

7. Ethnic movement in north east India Assam. The Bodo movement shodhsamhita: Journal of fundamental and comparative research. ISSN: 2277-7067 



1. Asstt. Co- Ordinator of RUSA. 

2. Asstt. Secretary of NB College Teacher’s unit.